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The Importance of Black-Owned Businesses

Black People are the Original People of the Heaven Earth so we are the Creators and Creatress of business. Our ancestors as far as Kemet(Egypt) and the all over the Motherland and Fatherland Africa were the first Entrepreneurs, so it’s in our blood to work for ourselves.  It also helps build wealth within the Black community where no Black Brothers or Sisters is left hungry, homeless or without anything.  Because of the evilness of the devils in tricking our ancestors in giving up the secret to the wealth that we created, we were temporarily stripped of our ability to manufacture and produce for ourselves.  But not anymore!!! Black People are taking back what was stolen from us ASE!!

Every Black person has a gift or talent has can be used to benefit to Black Nation Building and also train other Black Brothers and Sisters to also do for themselves and also encourage them to help in Black Nation Building. The foundation is to be Spiritually grounded when starting a business and connecting with other Black Brothers and Sisters. There are some places where Black Nation Building is going on and they are serious about supporting each other.

TAG Team Marketing– This is a Black-owned Marketing Company whose mission is to promote and sell Black-owned products and for Black entrepreneurs to have the backing of their Black Brother and Sisters to help market their products.

Zabwino Hosting– This is a Black-owned hosting company where any Black person that is ready to start a blog or online business can get the best service than the other hosting companies. Black People, get up and sit on your Throne of Righteousness and take our Wealth back!!!! ASE’!!!

The Power of Black Nations Prayers

In the Names of Our Black Heaven Father and Mother and Our Black Mother and Father Universe and All Our Black Gods and Black Goddesses of Heaven and All Our Righteous Black Ancestors we call on by Names and All Our Righteous Black Ancestors we call on that we don’t know by Names. Me and my Family Love, Honor, Adore, Believe and Trust in Each of You. We know with Each of You All Things Are Possible.  Ase’

We know if All Your Black Nations, Who are called by Each of Your Names, will Humble Themselves and Pray and Seek Each of You and turn from their wicked ways, then All of You will Hear Us from Heaven and will Forgive our sins and Heal Us and Our Land.   Ase’

Holy Ones that We Call upon there have been so much injustice done to Your Black Nations by them “bullies beasts” that call themselves”white”. We Your Black Nations need Divine Intervention from All of You, Right Now to break all their chains of oppressions and return it back upon them in million folds of oppressions with no mercy for all the wrong they have done. Take away the wealth and everything they have stolen away from them and return it back to the Righteous Black Owners  ASE’!!


All Black Nations Humble Yourselves and Pray.  ASE’!!!!!!!

*For Black Nations Prayer Warriors: Fast and Pray(no food or drink after midnight until after your noon prayer). ASE’


Drop Religion and Uphold Spirituality ASE’

Religions have messed up the minds of Black Nations because religions teaches to love the enemies. We as Black Nations should NEVER love our enemies, those that call themselves “white”. Religions have made Black Nations weak to this fact and not to figth against them, but to forgive. Only weak Black Nations forgive those that call themselves”white”. Spirituality helps Black Nations to live Righteous. Spirituality makes Black Nations Strong to recognize their enemies and their wrongdoings. Spirituality helps Black Nations to know that Heaven and hell cannot mix together. ASE!!!!

Real Black Love

Let every day be a HOLY DAY be filled with Righteous Black Love within ALL Black nations between Black Men, Black women and Black children. ASE’

Our Brother Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. HOLY-DAY

Let’s remember and reflect on Dr. King for who he really is – a Black God that wanted peace and freedom and respect and prosperity for US, His BLACK PEOPLE in the struggle with him in this United States, which ALL Black NATIONS throughout OUR Heaven Earth have benefited from OUR VICTORY. ASE’

Me and My Family LOVE you, Dr. King, Mrs. Coretta Scott King, and Yolanda King and the whole King Family!!!! ASE’

Holy Rebirth

It’s time to be reborn in our Blackness and knowing who we are. ASE’




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This Holy Day

On This Holy Day, we Black Nations throughout Our Heaven Earth we should remember and call upon Our Righteous Black Ancestors the ones we know and don’t know, to come and join us.  We should tell them how much we LOVE them because they love us. WE should ask them to lead and guide us and direct us daily on the Righteous Path. We should do this everyday as part of our Spiritual Journey. ASE’

The Enemies

The enemies seen and unseen shall be stucketh for interfering with the righteous who is walking in humbleness.  ASE’




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Real Joy

Real Joy comes from spreading love and helping others.





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