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The Resurrection of All Black Nations Righteous Black Minds ASE’

On this Holy Sabbath Day, Me and My Family would like to give tribute and rejoice with all our Black Sisters and Brothers of all The Black Nations that have a Black righteous conscience minds, that know we are the Original Black People that were Created from the beginning of time and we know who our enemies are. We Black Nations have been on Our Planet Earth millions of years. Our enemies, the devils that call themselves “white” have only been here thousand of years. We the Black Gods and Black Goddesses Love each other and rule our Planet Earth together in unity. We married each other and we had Black Children together and live in Great Health and Wealth. We were the best of Friends before the grafting and making of the devils that call themselves “white” by Yakub and his group,(a rebellious and wicked group of so-called Black people that wanted to make a group of non-people to rule over All Black Nations). They were made to hate All Black Nations and deceive them in order to maintain their so-called rule. First the devils got all the Black Nations to fight against themselves by calling all the Black Nations by the countries they live in, instead of calling them Black.  This was to divide all Black Nations so they the devils could conquer and control them. They the devils hid the truth about our history, but they have tried to claim our history as theirs and they stole our Wealth. If all Black Nations knew their history, they would embrace each other as Sisters and Brothers and they would turn against the devils.   If all Black Nations would have done unto the devils what they have done unto us, they would hate us. They would not be friends with us. They would not marry us. They would not have children with us. They would not allow us to rule their countries. They would not allow us to trick or decieve them. The devils hate us anyway because we are the Original Black People and they are not.

Did you know in 70 AD Juda an Ethiopian Ambassador of Queen Candace introduced Christianity to her? Queen Candace adopted Christianity and made Ethiopia the first Christian Nation, before the devils were grafted.

Did you know that so-called sir john hawkins talk the so-called queen elizabeth in giving him 7 slave ships, one called “The Jesus”, he had a coat of arms (picture of flag) with a Black man loaded with chains. hawkins was caught in a storm in Porta Rico and the ship went down with the slaves in 1595?

Did you know that the Swastika emblem (that hitler used) was used by Black people of Eastern Island Polynesia and early Black Persian people before hitler was born?

We the Original Black Nations should be Ruling Our Own Planet Earth in Righteousness  and Peace and Great Health and Great Wealth.

ASE'(So done is it)


The question is Black Nations, who side are you on?

Our Brother Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. HOLY-DAY

Let’s remember and reflect on Dr. King for who he really is – a Black God that wanted peace and freedom and respect and prosperity for US, His BLACK PEOPLE in the struggle with him in this United States, which ALL Black NATIONS throughout OUR Heaven Earth have benefited from OUR VICTORY. ASE’

Me and My Family LOVE you, Dr. King, Mrs. Coretta Scott King, and Yolanda King and the whole King Family!!!! ASE’

Holy Renewal

Let all BLACK NATIONS be renewed spirituality in knowing each other so we can be pure as the falling snow.  Ase’



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Be Thankful

Everyday is a HOLY DAY to give thanks. ASE!!




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Real Joy

Real Joy comes from spreading love and helping others.





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Wealth is Our Birthright

Wealth is our birthright, it not something a person has to work hard for.



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Nation Building

Single People don’t build nations,  families do- man, woman and children.

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Happy Holy Days!!!!!!

Every day is a Holy Day  to praise the Creator.

The Righteous and the Inheritance

The Righteous children of the Creator is inheriting the earth as we speak.   ASE’!!!(It’s done)




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Various Ways to Earn Money At Your Own Pace

Disclaimer: This post will include affiliate links, but I will give my honest opinion. See the disclosure policy for details.

We all want to  earn money, and don’t want to work a whole lot of hours to do it.  You also want to do a variety of things without doing the same boring routine like a job would. I like  multiple streams of income whether it’s doing surveys to reviewing music .  The best thing also is that these can be done at  your own pace without being tied to a schedule.  Here’s a few to get you started:

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