Ma’at Positive Principles



These are ways to uplift our mind, body and spirit. Listen with your soul.

1. I Honor Virtue

2. I Benefit With Gratitude

3. I Am Peaceful

4. I Respect The Property Of Others

5. I Affirm That All Life Is Sacred

6. I Give Offerings That Are Genuine

7. I Live In Truth

8. I Regard All Altars With Respect

9. I Speak With Sincerity

10. I Consume Only My Fair Share

11. I Offer Words Of Good Intent

12. I Relate In Peace

13. I Honor Animals With Reverence

14. I Can Be Trusted

15. I Care For The Earth

16. I Keep My Own Council

17. I Speak Positively Of Others

18. I Remain In Balance With My Emotions

19. I Am Trustful In My Relations

20. I Hold Purity In High Esteem

21. I Spread Joy

22. I Do The Best I Can

23. I Communicate With Compassion

24. I Listen To Opposing Opinions

25. I Create Harmony

26. I Invoke Laughter

27. I Am Open To Love In Various Forms

28. I Am Forgiving

29. I Am Kind

30. I Act Respectfully Of Others

31. I Am Accepting

32. I Follow My Inner Guidance

33. I Converse With Awareness

34. I Do Good

35. I Give Blessings

36. I Keep The Waters Pure

37. I Speak With Good Intent

38. I Praise The Goddess And The God

39. I Am Humble

40. I Achieve With Integrity

41. I Advance Through My Own Abilities

42. I Embrace The All


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