The Essentials for a Home Office

A home office is important because now you a professional in your own home and have more control.  It doesn’t have to been a big room or flashy,  but a place where you can think, create, mediate and mostly  importantly have peace.  There are a few essentials things to have when putting together a home office:

  1. Location- a home office doesn’t have to be a set room especially if you don’t have the space. You can use  a part of a room that is comfortable and quiet where you can easily set up equipment.  Also make sure the location has enough lighting and maybe near window so you can see outside.
  2. Furniture- You don’t have heave office furniture that would be hard to move around. A basic computer desk or card table is sufficient where there is enough space to work.
  3. Computer- Most people use a Windows computer or laptop since it’s the most popular and most work from businesses require it. It don’t have be expensive as long it’s the most up to date.
  4. Internet connection- Make sure it’s a stable, whether it’s broadband or WiFi.
  5. Printer- It’s best to have a printer/scanner/ copier combo as more can get done. This also is inexpensive to buy.
  6. Stationary- Pens, pencils and  paper(legal and printer) should be handy as well as planners to keep yourself organized.
  7. Headset- This could be wired or USB as you will be communicating with clients and customers.
  8. Flash Drives and other memory devices- It’s important to have external devices to save important files and documents even with the online cloud services.
  9. Fax machine(optional)- if you are planning to fax quite frequently it would be good to get one, but now there are online fax services that are much cheaper.
  10. Webcam- Most  current laptops come equipped with one, but if it doesn’t ,  you can buy inexpensive ones through Amazon or other online retailers.


Personalize your office with some of your personal items such as pictures of you family, friends or a favorite artwork.

Have a radio so you can play music in the background to keep you motivated and be more creative.

Most of all, keep peace at all times meaning no negative thoughts or ideas nor any unclean spirits and that include people. Your office is really your sanctuary and should be sacred at ALL times.

Before starting any work, PRAY!! Give the Creator the praise in advance that all things business-related go well and more of His ideas and thoughts flow through your spirit.

What do you think about these ideas and tips? Put a comment down below, and don’t forget to share!!