What is true Spirituality?

Everyone is looking for a Higher Being, something or someone bigger than them for  guidance and support especially in this sin-sick twisted world. The constant battle between righteousness and unrighteousness seems like a never ending war.  That’s where real spirituality comes in because there is where you find true peace.  Religion only gets a person but so far, only giving instructions on what to do but not knowing the reason why it is being done. Spirituality is different because a person has to go inside themselves to seek the Creator and find out who they really. are.

Ask the question: Who are YOU? Not your job,  financial status, material things, or who you associate with, but who are YOU really?  I bet it takes a long time to think about that because it requires you to mediate and listen to who you really are beside what society says you are. When you go inside yourself, you’ll find true feelings about yourself and that might become scary, because you might have to face some challenges that were hidden. You will also find  your strengths and weakness and this will help you improve your well-being as being  more enlightened. More importantly, this will greatly improve your relationship with the  Creator.  You then can communicate with Him with no false images.

Go ahead and start that journey NOW!